I fished with Michel on a local body of water for smallmouth bass today and oh, how we caught them. The weather started out with us in a fog bank and I had to run almost solely by GPS, It was so thick that I decided to start in an area that I really didn’t want to but was glad I did. First cast produced a fish over three pounds! The air temps were cool but once the fog lifted after 10:00 AM, they warmed up plenty. There was virtually no wind and this made boat control a breeze. Water temps were around 56.5 degrees at best, but I knew they were on a warming trend with the forecasted temps. Every spot today produced plenty of smallies from 1.5 pounds to almost 5 pounds. Michel caught so many fish that he was sore from top to bottom, literally! I never feel sorry for someone that self inflicts pain from fighting too many fish. Not responsible! By the time the day was said & done, there were probably close to 150 bass caught. I can’t even imagine how many were lost as well. To say this was a great day would be the understatement of the year. I don’t think words could describe this one, it had to be experienced!