Today was my day off and I accompanied my wife, Christiane downtown for the CIBC Run for Breast Cancer. I was just there for support but she was participating in the actual run. They say that no good deed goes unnoticed and after today, I believe it’s true! Once everything was over and we were back home, there was still plenty of time left in the day to get in a few hours of fishing. I thought that we would see if we could catch a few fish and hopefully get her into a big Muskie. I had been having pretty good success lately and prayed that my luck hadn’t run out. The conditions were almost flat calm, except for lots of boat traffic as I began a troll for these toothy creatures. Within the first 10 minutes, one of the rods fired, but shortly after I got the rod out of the holder, it came off leaving me with only the lure vibration. I knew this had to be a big fish as it felt like I was caught on the bottom until the fish began a few headshakes. If you think that sucked, less than 5 minutes later the same rod fired again and this time I actually managed to pass the rod to Christiane before the fish rolled on the surface and also came off. We were zero for two and I really felt bad for Christiane as just about every other fish hooked lately, eventually came aboard. Talk about bad luck! We continued to troll for about another 30 minutes without success and then it happened. The reel started screaming and I knew this was a real big fish. Christiane had a difficult time handling this Muskie and could barely hold the rod up to control the fish. With a tight drag set, it’s all muscle to bring them to the boat and the morning run had all but wore her out. When she finally caught a glimpse of this fish behind the boat she freaked! It was enormous and at least 30 pounds, laying on the surface behind the motors. All of a sudden the fish began to roll again and gave her another battle that had her thinking it was also going to get off. Eventually, I was able to grab the leader and steer her closer to the side of the boat where I finally put the boga grip on this monster. I carefully slit it over the rail and into the boat and had to cut the hooks out due to their location and the fish’s mass. This fish measured 53.5 inches in length and I estimated it at 40 pounds. Not wanting to stress it out anymore than we had already done, I shot a few pics and then put her back in the water. I spent about 5 or 10 minutes carefully holding her before she was revived enough to be released. This was definitely a true trophy and the largest one to come aboard since I began fishing for them. I was glad that Christiane got to experience a fish of this size and told her that everything else from this point on would only be a disappointment. We took the plugs off the rods and packed in the muskie trolling for the remainder of the day. I wanted her to end it on a high note and told her that we would catch a few bass before we headed home. I guess we spent about 30 minutes catching close to 10 smallies and one overly large drum of close to 12 pounds before we called it a day. Total time fished today was less than 3 hours and one of the best, short days ever spent on the water!