David & his wife, Barbara joined me today on Lake St-Louis for smallmouth bass. He was strictly fly-fishing and wanted to get into some of those football like smallies he had heard so much about. The weather was going to be picture perfect today with sunny skies and light & variable winds. Air temps were to reach into the upper 80’s with water temps around 78 degrees in some areas and 74 in others. It took a while before David hooked into his first bas on a fly, but it was a real beauty that went over 3 pounds and the skunk was finally out of the boat. He had another one over 4 pounds that just overpowered him and buried itself in the weeds only to eventually pull the hooks free. Too bad too, because it was quite a bit bigger than he first fish and definitely photo worthy! The next spot saw us struggling once again as there were many fish just cruising the area not too interested in his offerings. One of the largest bass actually inhaled his fly and unfortunately broke him off on the hook set leaving us with a limp line. Several more fish actually came up behind the fly and just turned away seeming uninterested. A change of flies only had similar results with the exception of another 4 pounder that actually ate the fly and broke him off again on the hook set. This was not turning out to be a lucky day and misfortunes were becoming commonplace. Several more lookers and quite a few cruises were seen, but we decided to try another location and see if our results could be better. Every location we tried seemed to have similar success with the fish even taking the fly in and immediately spitting it right back out. David brought a school of fish up from a submerged crib and they did exactly the same thing too! He did manage to entice one of them though and finally hooked into another bass of about 3.5 pounds. This time the fish was landed and released after a quick picture, unharmed. This was to prove to be the only bass taken from the area and after several frustrating attempts at the flies, we decided to move on once again. Similar results were had in every other area with limited success. Only a few more fish were landed and they were all on senko’s! With this being the kind of day we were having, we tried a couple more areas and decided to call it a day. If we could have only hooked up with 10 % of the fish we saw, it would have been a great day. I guess they just weren’t in the feeding mood today and that was all day long!