Warren and his brother, Shawn were to fish with me today and I had to reconsider my lake options in the morning when the reports had 20 to 30 knot winds forecasted. I needed to have a lake with some sort of shelter and not so wide that the waves were unbearable. Water temps were 67 degrees and the waves were 2 to 3 footers on our first spot making boat control quite difficult. Unfortunately the winds intensified and the waves got worse, forcing us to leave the area completely and move closer to the shore. The smallies weren’t cooperating much with only a couple of fish caught, so I thought I would reconsider my options once again and try for largemouth in canals. Apparently it was a good choice as Warren landed one over 5 pounds in the first one we fished, on a senko. At least in here, we were able to fish without being blown all over the place! The second spot was to prove to be an area we stayed for the rest of the day. There were so many arms that we never needed to venture onto the lake until we were ready to leave and took advantage of our fortune. Shawn hooked into the first fish on a scumfrog and had to power out a big largie of over 5 pounds from all the vegetation. What a beauty she was and we quickly returned her to the water after a few pictures! Both Warren & Shawn continued to catch fish all afternoon as we just covered water in the series of canals. Senko’s and scumfrogs were the best choices in this jungle of vegetation and the fish were definitely on in the 75-degree water. By the time we were done, there were probably over 30 largemouth bass caught with a couple of them over 5 pounds. We really made the best of a miserable day with the protected largemouth inlets and were thankful for the results!