Today I hit a local lake for smallmouth bass with Britt and had a blast. The weather was brutal with the air temps reaching almost 90 degrees but with the humidity, it felt more like 100. Water temps went to almost 75 degrees as well and with no wind present, it was a scorcher. It didn’t take long for Britt to lock up on a smallie around 4 pounds on a senko slowly moved across a rocky shoal. This was to continue throughout the entire day as we picked up fish everywhere we went. Most of the bass were in the 3.5 to 4 pound range, but there were many over 4 and closer to 5 pounds as well. Britt was a tournament fisherman from the south and had no problems adapting to the northern smallies. He even landed a few largemouth up to 3 pounds in some of the same weedy, rocky areas that held the smallies! By days end there had to be at least 25 bass caught with very few missed and lost. He had been looking for a trophy to hang on the wall, but would have to settle for a number of high fours and no fives today! A great day nonetheless!!