Morning: This morning I fished with Amy & her brother, Tim on Lake St-Louis for smallmouth bass. The lake was flat calm & perfect for running to our first spot, a few miles away. Air temps were in the 70’s but today’s forecasted highs were scheduled to reach into the 90’s by afternoon. Only a couple of smaller bass were caught in this area and I decided to try another location further away. Apparently, this was to prove to be the right decision as Amy was into a large smallie within her first few casts. After a few quick pictures we released this 3.5-pound smallmouth back to where she came from and continued our fishing. For the next couple of hours, Amy was into fish frequently and Tim occasionally got into a few of his own. Senko’s were without a doubt the hot ticket this morning as these fish weren’t really that aggressive and a slower presentation got us the bites. Most of the bass were between 3 & 4 pounds with no real giants landed, only missed. These fish were all quality and nothing to frown at and Amy realized just how much power they all had as she battled them to the boat. Running short on time, I decided to try one more area nearby before we were to head back to the dock for my afternoon group. This place was a little slow until we got to the end of the reef and began hooking a few. The fish weren’t the quality of the ones earlier, but they definitely fought like they were. We managed to get into another 5 or 6 and landed over half of them before we were done. For a few short hours, there were probably shots at 20 or 25 bass with around 75% of them actually being landed. A pretty good morning if I do say so myself!! No pics today as the camera crapped out!