After a day of trying something different on another lake with little success and almost frostbite from the cold north winds, I was back on Memphremagog with my buddy Scott. This was an interesting day to say the least! The fish were very lethargic in the morning, as we had to work really hard for each one we caught. What I did see however was that the fish were larger than usual. It seemed like we were finally getting into some of the larger females rather than the smaller males that we were seeing lately. The day started out with little to no wind and bright sunny skies, but a little on the cool side with temps in the 30’s. Water temps were 51 degrees and stained from the high north winds and rain we had experienced the past few days and fishing was slow. Scott was fly fishing and casting clouser patterns on a sinking line to inactive smallies in deep water and once the water warmed up, crushing them too. I was throwing jigs and running jerk-baits, but only catching on the jigs. These fish were really lethargic! By jumping to various spots on the lake, we managed to get into 75 or 100 nice smallies up to 4 pounds during the day. A typical day for this time of the year, but a long time in the making with all the cold weather lately. All in all a great day on the water!!