I fished with a buddy Mike & his son Ryan today on Memphremagog for bass & we all had a blast. It began a little slow but really picked up as the day went on with both Ryan & Mike holding their own. Super flukes were the choice baits today, as that was all we were going to be throwing. Some of the bass even hit so fast that the top water bite seems to be at the beginning stages and surface fishing will be around the corner soon. In one location during the afternoon I had the boat positioned just right that they could both cast to a large submerged tree. This piece of cover had so many fish that we spent almost 90 minutes in one place pounding smallies as well as largemouth. Most of the fish today were around 2.5 pounds but a few of them went into the 4-pound range as well. With the fall in air temps today and the north winds, it felt much cooler than the past few days at just 75 degrees as the high. Water temps were up as high as 66 degrees in certain areas but fell almost 7 degrees in some others. Winds were from the W/NW at 15 to 25 knots and there were waves around 3-foot making boat control a little more difficult. To say this was a good day would be underestimating it. The day was great! Total catch count would have to be at last 75 bass with almost that lost as well.