I was back on a trophy lake with Herm & Craig once again today for smallies and had a blast. It started out a little slow with the water temps around 51 degrees at best and the winds from the N/W at 5 to 15 knots. Air temps went into the 60’s but with the winds, it felt more like the 50’s. Fortunately for us, the weather called for sunny skies and that would definitely be a plus! It took quite a while before we actually hooked into a fish after several follows and missed strikes. I thought I would try something completely different when we couldn’t hook up and switched to a football jig with a spider grub. I had a fish on, in the first 5 minutes and unfortunately, lost the 4.5 pounder at the boat when the hooks pulled free. Shortly afterwards, I had another and found a 5.5 pound smallmouth coming aboard. Another fish or two showed signs of interest and I was changing tactics completely. Craig was now throwing a tube jig & Herm was also on a spider jig! Craig was into another fish not too long after and the games began. These fish were close to the shallower water that they should have been in, but were actually out in deeper water adjacent. Herm also caught a good fish of 4.5 pounds on a spider jig and we all had some sort of action in the next few hours. Several good fish were caught up to & over 5 pounds and then I hooked into what I thought might have been my personal best. I eventually landed a fish that measured 22 inches by 16 inches and she weighed in at 6 pounds 10 ounces. I actually thought that it was over 7 pounds when I first saw the big female pulling line from the reel and was a little disappointed when we weighed the fish. Craig managed to also get his personal best a little later and this one weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces. Two over 6 pounds in one day is a rarity, and we were just happy to see them. Craig caught several others up to and over 5 pounds before we called it a day and headed off the water. Overall, there were about 12 to 15 bass landed today and they were all huge. This was not a typical day and we were thrilled to have caught as many large smallies as we did. A great day to say the least!!!