Darrin & his father Joe were to be my guests today on a couple of lakes for smallies. They were looking for a personal best brownie so we decided to target only the trophy lakes in hopes of a big fatty or two. The weather was pretty nice today as air temps reached into the low 60’s but the water temps on these lakes were 56.5 at best. There were even certain areas that didn’t exceed more than 44 degrees too! Unfortunately, the first lake only produced lakers and one salmon along with another brown trout, but no bass. The winds were out of the N/NW at 10 to 15 knots and there was intermittent sunshine along with clouds. Once on the second lake it didn’t take long to find the warmer water and Darrin was the first to connect with a football like smallie that would have gone 4.5 pounds or better. This thing had a belly on her that looked like it was ready to explode. Not to be outdone by his son, Joe hooked up almost immediately afterwards with another fish of equal size and I had to cut the tangled line from the first fish in order to be able to net the second one. There was one other clone of a fish caught by Darrin a little later and Joe caught one of just 2 pounds as well. I had a few follows from lakers on a jerk-bait, but never connected with any of them. We got caught in a torrential rainstorm that lasted about 20 minutes causing the auto bilge pump to kick on and that was it for the fishing. We tried to get into more of these bruisers, but weren’t able to hook up with any more due to the cooler water temps. All in all a pretty good day with a few jumbino bass as a reward!