We were all out again today, but we started on a different lake for some trophies. It didn’t take long and A.R. was into a 4 pounder on a jerk-bait, but that was all they wrote for quite a while afterwards. Marc, Rocky & A.R. decided that they needed more action and jumped from this lake back to Magog for more numbers. By their days end, they had had another 100 fish day and were all wore out! I decided that we were going to stick it out and try for some really big fish. We were to find out later that this was a great choice! With cooler water temps on this lake we had a hard time finding water over 51 degrees for quite a while until one area that was wind blown. Here we started with 52.5 and it climbed up to almost 57 shortly afterwards. The air temps were in the upper 70’s and actually climbed to the upper 80’s before the day was over causing the water to warm all day long. With practically no wind at all we were seeing all kinds of huge smallmouth just roaming in from deep water and then it happened. The first fish was a 5.5-pound smalllie and DD was convinced that this was the lake to be on! The gang took a few more bass in the 2.5 to 4 plus range and then DD locked horns with a real trophy. This fish was in the mid 6-pound size and once in the net, looked even bigger. We fished harder when we saw the size of this one and continued to hook up every once in a while with fish up to 5 pounds. We made one more stop in an area before heading off the lake for lunch and Chip hooked into a laker on a drop off. This fish was all of 27 inches and probably 7 pounds once in the net and the first one these guys had ever seen. After lunch we jumped to another lake and before Chip could park the truck and trailer, DD was locked up with a 4 pounder. The next area produced fish for everyone on jerk-baits and soft plastics up to 5.5 pounds. Another area a little later saw the guys locking up with several fish in the 4-pound plus size and many more followers too. We finished the day off shortly afterwards ad headed back to the ramp. There were probably 6 over 5 pounds and several of them in the high fives caught today. One fish was in the mid sixes and plenty of others over four as well. All in all there were probably 25 or so fish landed but they were all big ones today. A great day to be on the water!!!