Today was a real treat as there were 8 of us on Memphremagog in 2 boats. A bunch of our friends wanted to pound smallies and I told them, they were finally on fire! I fished with Matt, Daniel, DD and Chip in my boat and Marc fished with Rocky & A.R. All I can say is what a day on the water! Between the 2 boats, there were over 200 smallmouth bass landed up to almost 5 pounds. Most of these fish came on Jerk-Baits but there were plenty of others landed on soft plastics as well. The air temps managed to get into the mid 80’s and the water temps were around 63 degrees in some areas by days end. Little to no wind was what we fished in for most of the day but there were some 2 to 3 footers from the west by the time we took off at the end of the day. It’s a wonder how everyone managed to keep track of the fish with the numbers we landed, but we did. It’s been a long time coming, but I think the warmer weather has finally arrived. A great day was had by all!!!