Today I fished with Craig & Herm on another trophy lake for smallies. The day started out great with sunshine and no winds, but soon changed. The sun was blocked by cloud cover and rarely showed for more than a few minutes at a time afterwards. The winds also picked up & blew from the west at 20 to 30 knots with higher gusts. Water temps were around 53 degrees at the beginning of the day and went as high as 55 by the afternoon. Most of the best areas had lost almost 8 degrees in water temps since yesterday, due to the strong westerly winds and were void of any fish. Air temps went into the mid 60’s but felt more like 50 with the cool winds we had. Craig hooked into the first big fish but lost her when she went airborne. Herm also did the same thing when he also lost another decent fish as she jumped too. I had a few hits from lakers, but no real hookups. A few smaller fish were caught before Craig finally got one worthy of pictures. This fish was 21 inches by 16 inches and was somewhere around 6 pounds. Herm wasn’t as lucky and only caught a couple of perch and a lake trout before we switched lakes. The water was slightly warmer with a few areas going as high as 60 degrees, but the winds were also unbearable. It was a tough bite with only a few smaller fish until we switched sides. Craig lost a couple of good-sized smallies and landed a couple of others that went 4.5 pounds apiece. This was all we were going to get on the lake and decided to head off and go home. Tomorrow is still another day and hopefully, Mother Nature will cooperate this time around. All in all a good day but not a great one.