I fished with Alain and Cindy today on Lake Champlain for Landlocked Salmon. It was the second trip of the year and the results were significantly better. Only a few days earlier I had gone 3 for 4 with just 4 hits all day. Today’s water temps were only registering 45 degrees at best, but the fish were plentiful if you knew where to look. We began trolling the shallows with only 1 fish in about an hour and moved out to deeper water afterwards. This was where we were to finally get into them good! Both Cindy and Alain had many salmon grab hold of the baits and fought numerous fish for the next hour or so before it all went silent again. We trolled shallower as well as deeper trying to locate what we had been on before that even produced the first double header of the season with little success. All we cold find was smaller browns and an occasional rainbow. These fish were so plentiful that I had to actually leave an area because too many of them were hitting our lines. We picked a fish here and there until a little later in the afternoon when we got into them once more. Alain even managed to fight a nice brown of around four pounds in between more salmon. Cindy caught the first salmon of the day and while we were clearing all the lines at the end of the day grabbed another rod that fired to fight the largest salmon as the last fish of the day. This fish was a nice salmon of about 4 pounds making all the fish in the livewell, quality sized. All the salmon were between 18 & 20 inches, which is not the norm for Champlain. We had all lost track of the total count but were sure it was close to 25 fish for the day with at least 15 being salmon. This was an excellent day by anyone’s standards!!