I was back on the water once more with Darren today. We hit another local lake for smallies and on his first cast, a 4 to 5 pounder was on! Unfortunately for him, she went airborne and threw the tube right back in his face. “Oh well, that’s a good sign when the first cast is locked up”, I said! With the weather looking pretty good once again, I knew we were in for a great day. The air temps were only 37 degrees when we arrived, and went as high as 42 by days end. Fortunately, the water temps were 48.5 and the winds were 5 to 10 knots from the west making for a comfortable day. With the exception of the first 15 minutes in the sun, the rest of the day we were in the clouds. This was nothing new as there have been about 5 days in the last 6 weeks that actually had sun! Plenty of smallmouth were attacking the jigs soon afterwards and some of them actually came aboard. We decided that it would take at least 4.5 pounds to make it to the livewell and just threw everything else back, immediately. The last few trips saw 4 pounders hand over fist and multiple photo shoots. The first smallie to make the cut was a five pound fish and the games began! For the next few hours there were many close calls, but we practiced restraint, letting anything that resembled 4 pounds go. The fishing wasn’t fast and furious, but there were a few areas that produced multiple hook ups on almost every cast. One place actually had a fish pretty much every cast for almost 15 minutes! Darren got into one area that produced about a dozen hook ups but only 4 landed. These fish were like rockets as they charged the boat as soon as they were hooked making it difficult to keep them on. Plenty of them got off as soon as they went airborne while doing “Mach 1” and were just frustrating. One of the last spots of the day seemed like there was nothing you could do wrong. A drop off on the edge of a flat that was situated in pretty heavy current had many fish just stacked up in one area. By actually throwing the jig down current and doing nothing, the fish would pick it up on the fall. The hits were like freight trains as they practically hooked themselves! Unfortunately, we hit this area about 45 minutes before dark and had to leave too soon! I will be back!!! All in all a good day with 50 or more smallies caught and plenty of others either lost or just missed all together! Most of the fish were above 3.5 pounds with plenty of mid fours as well. There were at least two of the smallmouth over 5 pounds and I think we threw a couple back before the pics that were in the same calibre too!! I love the fall fishing!!