Well as luck would have it, today was even warmer than yesterday! Temperatures were to get into the 60’s with overcast skies and warm winds of 10 to 20 knots from the S/SE. Warren was taking advantage of these crazy temperatures and joining me for his last bass fishing day, for this season. The weatherman called for showers all day but thankfully was wrong again. Most of the day we fished in almost T-Shirts as we both enjoyed the Florida like weather of November. What began slowly was soon to change as Warren finally hit into a small concentration of good smallies. In 4 casts, he had 4 fish and all were above 3 pounds. Weed beds along rock piles once again produced some decent sized smallmouth bass on tubes. In one location, we found larger bass in the 4 pound range, but were forced to move when the rain and winds kicked up making it too difficult to hold there. As strange as the weather was, the fishing remained great all day. We had several squalls come in on us with high winds and showers, but never really got the worst of the weather until the last 20 minutes of the day. We both realized how lucky we were to have spent such a warm day on the water for the last day of November by milking it for everything it had. We held out until it was just too close and then bolted for the boat dock. I knew we were in for it as I turned and headed into the blackest of skies I had seen in quite a while. We were greeted with higher winds and heavy rain for the last of our run back to the truck. I was glad that we stuck it out for as long as we did as there were probably 15 or 20 fish caught in the last hour of the day. Warren even landed a bonus Walleye of over 7 pounds. This was his personal best too!! Overall, there were about 60 or more smallmouth bass caught up to & over 5 pounds. I hope this is not the end to my season as the fishing is still going quite strong. If the weather holds out a little longer, I might get out a few more times before I call it quits for this season and concentrate on the steelhead fishing. All in all a super day of fishing for smallmouth bass!!