All I have to say is “Holy Cow” when it comes to the fall smallmouth bass! Just when I thought it might be slowing down a bit, we have one of the best days ever for absolute giants! I fished with Mike & Mark again today on a lake that just keeps getting better, every time we’re out. The weather wasn’t the best with overcast skies and a high of 38 degrees, but the fishing was on fire. With water temps cooling a bit overnight now, the shallower water has slowed down, but the mid & deep has improved. Winds were from the W/SW at 10 to 20 and the water temps were around 45 degrees throughout. I can’t remember just how many 4.5 to 5.5 pound smallies were caught & released, but it was plenty. Every where we fished, it produced just giants! Tubes were still the lures of choice as both Mark & Mike loaded the livewells so full with these pigs, that we started throwing back anything that seemed under 5 pounds by the afternoon. Whoever thinks that when the water gets cold, smallmouth don’t fight should experience some of this action. Most of the fish hooked, jumped between 2 & 6 times and had no intention of coming in quietly. As one of my clients from this season said, “They All Come In Ass Backwards.” All I can say is unbelievable! We actually lost count with all of these footballs we were catching, but the consensus was that there were at least 50 or 60 or more of these smallies actually landed. Who knows how many we lost as well! This has to be experienced to be believed!!!