Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Sam & Stephan for smallies once more. We began the day in the clouds with the air temps in the low 30’s and ended the day in the clouds with the air just in the upper 30’s. Today, we had it all! Winds from the west at 10 gusting to 25 knots at times. An occasional snow shower that never managed to amount to anything and bitter cold due to the clouds & winds. Thankfully, the fishing had everyone forgetting about all of this because it was on fire! Sam started the day with his 2nd or 3rd fish being one that was right around 6 pounds. What a beauty!! Unfortunately, Stephan was quite a while before he actually landed anything of his own, but eventually, overcame the problem. He got into about 8 or 10 fish in a short period of time and began to join Sam in fighting all of these smallies. It was a bit of a competition as both were trying to beat each other in the numbers game. It seemed that whenever one of them landed something, the other followed almost immediately. This went on for a while with 2.5 to 4 pounders coming aboard regularly until Sam just exploded. He took at least 10 fish in less than 30 minutes from a small area that both were casting to. Sam just had the touch as his first 5 casts were all rewarded with bass in the 3 to 4.5 pound range. He even managed to land a couple of Walleye that they took home for dinner. With this much of a lead it was going to be difficult for Steph to catch up! They both continued to land fish for the rest of the day as we just covered water picking one here and one there. Sam hooked into another Muskie on a tube that once near the boat decided to just break him off. This was to be another fish of at least 45 inches once more. By days end, there was at least 50 smallies landed once more but Sam had beaten Stephan by at least 10 fish. Oh well, there’s always next time!!