Part 2: After we grabbed a quick bite for lunch, we were right back at it and into more of these fall footballs once again. It was just one of those days when it seemed like every fish was on the feed and we were going to take advantage of it as long as they were! I decided to try a little shallower and went into less than 10 feet of water to see if anything was there and on my first cast locked up with another bass of almost 4 pounds. By now, we had decided that it would have to be considerably larger in order to become livewell worthy and released everything under 4 pounds. There were plenty of fish between 3 & 4.5 pounds that just continued to volunteer biting our baits as we almost got sick of catching smallmouth. Just kidding of course! Most people would just die for this kind of action, but I almost expect it every time I am on the water and am disappointed when we have a 30 fish day. I figured we would just cover water a little more and try to find another area that was holding huge concentrations of quality bass once more. As usual, we picked a fish every couple of minutes as we moved along looking for another “Mother Load”. The action wasn’t fast & furious like we had earlier in the day, but it was more than enough to keep us happy. Eventually, I located another area that was loaded with larger than average smallies and it began all over once again. At one point, I literally casted 360 degrees and hooked up in 5 out of 6 casts. All fish were between 4 & 5 pounds as well. This was going to be our last area as we were running out of daylight and still had to get back to the ramp before it was too late. Several more fish and another picture session and we were done for the day. What an absolutely amazing day on the water! Darren had experienced this once before at Thanksgiving and probably done equally as well today. There was very little dead time today as fish were coming aboard at least every 5 minutes. By the time we were done, there had to have been at least 75 or more smallies caught with the bulk of them being 4 to 5 pounds and better. I hope Mother Nature holds out a little longer and allows me the luxury of doing this several more times before we are frozen in once more. All in all a great day to be on the water, once again!!!! This really has to be experienced to be believed!!