Today, I fished with Andre & Jim on another local lake for fall smallies. As fall goes, it doesn’t get any better than this! Overcast skies, no wind, air temps into the 60’s and mid November. Who would have believed that we could be 6 weeks from Christmas and have days like this! Andre wasted no time as he hooked into a 4.5 pound smallie on his second cast in 23 feet of water. That was definitely the right way to start the day. Although it started quick, it didn’t remain that way as they got into a few fish every 5 minutes or so, but mostly lost them as they were reeling them in. Andre had one between 5 & 6 pounds that went airborne and threw the jig back in his face. “That would have been the one to land, but there’s plenty more” I told him. Jim was into fish of his own and having a blast as well, landing fish up to 3 or 4 pounds every few casts. As it slowed, I decided to move around a bit and try shallower water to see if there might be some action there. This was the right decision as the games began! One cast after another, both Andre & Jim were tight to smallies from 2 pounds right up to 5 pounds. Several double headers happened in the next few hours as they continued to battle these football like smallies on light line. It seemed that they could do no wrong as everywhere we went, someone had a bent rod. In the last 3 or four hours of fishing there wasn’t five minutes that passed without someone hooking up. Most of the time it was more like every cast! Both Jim & Andre were landing fish hand over fist and the livewell looked more like a wood pile than an aquarium. They were stacked in there like cordwood by the time we took the photos. Nobody wanted to stop casting to get their picture taken as we ended up fishing to almost dark before we shot the photos. Jim even managed to land a couple of nice walleye over 3 pounds that would make for a real tasty dinner. By the time all of this was done, there were somewhere between 60 & 75 smallies landed up to & over 5 pounds. We all lost track of the count when the action got crazy. This definitely had to be the best fall fishing day all around. I have had better catches, but this was the complete package. With the lack of wind, the warm air temps and the action fast & furious, you just can’t get any better than today! There’s still plenty of fall days left with enormous smallmouth bass to be caught. Don’t miss out on this kind of action!!!