I had the pleasure of fishing with Jeff once again, for the past three days. To say the fishing was good would have been an understatement! Day one saw beautiful sunny skies and temps that went into the 80’s by afternoon. Light winds from the S/E caused only a ripple and the water temps were around 64 degrees. Jeff started the day out with his first hook-up in under a minute when a 3 pounder inhaled his tube in 25 feet of water. This was the kind of day that was to continue as fish after fish fell victim to our offerings on each & every drift we made. There had to be at least 35 fish landed up to 5 pounds by the time we called it quits. Day 2 proved to be quite similar as Jeff managed a 5 pounder immediately on the first drift once again. The weather was somewhat different though as we had light drizzle that eventually turned to rain. Our air temps fell overnight & we were only in the mid 60’s by afternoon. Fortunately, the rain was here & there and most of it was spent in the clouds. Water temps remained the same as we fished deep as well as shallow. A few good fish over 4 pounds were caught on senko’s in the shallows but it was the deep water & tubes that consistently produced for us. We ended the day on a high note as Jeff landed another 4.5 pound smallie on our last drift. What a day once more! The total count must have been equal to yesterday as neither of us could remember by the time we headed out. Day 3 was to prove to be somewhat different as we opted for another body of water. With sunshine and clouds expected to move in later in the afternoon with winds of 25 knots, we opted for a body of water that provided some shelter. Water temps were around 65 to 66 degrees and the air temps remained about the same as we began. It took a little longer before we were able to hook-up & the first 3 pounder came from deeper water once more. It seems that everywhere I fish lately, the better fish are at least 20 feet deep! Once we began, several others were caught as well before we relocated. Almost each & every spot we fished produced at least one fish and a few areas had multiple hook-ups. Unfortunately, Jeff lost his best fish of the day when she went airborne & threw the spinnerbait. Overall a tougher day with around 20 fish seen up & over 5 pounds once more. The fall fishing has definitely not began quite yet as the fish are still remaining deep! It will only get better in the weeks to come!!