John & I were back on another lake once more today and this time it was a numbers game! The weather was pretty much a replica of yesterday with overcast skies and very little wind until late in the afternoon. Air temps were once again in the mid 60’s and the water temps were also just below 70 degrees. No muskie today, but plenty of smallmouth as John got into close to 35 fish by himself. They were all sizes but the average would have gone over two pounds with plenty nearer three. The best ones were around 4 pounds and there were a few of them as well. Tubes accounted for only a small percent of the fish today as we switched over to Senko’s early in the day. The fish were on rocky areas surrounded by some weeds and feeding on minnows and crawfish. I guess the fall feeding mode has finally arrived! Another pretty good day of smallmouth fishing was definitely had today!!