I took a road trip this weekend and had the pleasure of fishing with Jeff & Dave on a couple of lakes. The first stop was on Massawippi as we tried our luck on some of their earlier teenage areas that had produced in the past. Unfortunately time was not on our side as they just didn’t seem to pan out. Fortunately, the weather was a real blessing as we had mainly sunny skies and warm temps of 65 to 70 degrees and a light wind from the S/E for most of the day. Water temps were in the upper 60’s with the highest being 68.5 degrees. I had a few areas that I fished many years ago that still produced some smallmouth bass and an occasional northern pike and was happy to try them when all else failed. We didn’t catch too many fish, but it was still a good day by most standards! The best fish was lost at the boat on a jerk-bait of over 4 pounds. David probably landed the largest smallie and it went a hair over 3 pounds. Several others were caught in the 1.5 to 3 pound range and quite a few pike were taken as well towards the end of the day. All in all a pretty good day! Day 2 saw us fishing Lake Memphremagog as we awaited the bad weather from “Hurricane Ernesto” from the south. Fortunately for us, it never really seemed to arrive. The weather had forecasted rain for pretty much all day with high winds as well, but we dodged another bullet! I guess “Mother Nature” can be nice some times! We definitely had dark, overcast skies all day long and an occasional light rain in the morning, but other than that, all was great. There were almost no winds until late in the afternoon and this definitely made the fishing more comfortable. On the first area, both Dave & Jeff hooked up almost immediately and I knew it was going to be better than yesterday’s fishing. The overall average size of these fish was definitely better as well as they were all in the 2.5 to 3 pound range with an occasional fish ever bigger. Spinner-baits were the lures of preference as we fished mostly weedbeds in open water. Although there were other boats close by, it seemed that other than ours, nobody was doing anything. After more than 10 bass, we tried another location and immediately were into more bass once again. The spinner-baits were covering water and that was exactly what was needed in these huge weed infested areas. There were never really lots of fish in one particular location, just scattered all over the flats. Unfortunately. the weeds were dying out and very mossy on the surface. The bass were still remaining in the areas due to the clean bases of the weeds as we continued to hook up every once in a while. The rocky areas definitely weren’t very productive as this time of the year usually dictates weedy areas to be fished. By the end of the day there were probably 20 or so smallies caught and plenty more either missed or lost. All in all a good weekend with the weather holding out for us!!