Back on the water again today with Danny, Sam & Stephan on another local lake. The day was a total opposite of yesterday as the sun shined almost all day long. The air temps were once again quite cool as the north winds continued to blow. They were 5 to 15 knots at times and pretty chilly! Air temps never exceeded the mid 60’s and the water temps were around the same. I started them off with several different lures trying to determine the fish’s level of activity and found out that the jerk-baits got a reaction but the tubes were what some of them actually wanted. We drifted over areas and casted to spots that looked fishy only to come up with about a half dozen bites in a couple of hours. We saw plenty more bass that had no interest at all in our offerings and decided to try other options. Danny was the only one to land anything significant with one of his fish going over 4 pounds. “Good to be King” I told him, but that was soon about to change! In the afternoon we tried deeper water in pursuit of some of the larger smallies and could only come up with a fish here & there. I had them switch over to Senko’s as we moved slightly shallower and Steph was the first to rip lips with another 4 pound smallie. Sam also followed with another bass around the same size on a senko. Danny was soon about to feel the pain that he so easily dished out in the morning. Isn’t competition great! We stuck with the shallows for a while and had several hits and landed a few fish but I had to try the deep water once again. Dragging tubes and spider jigs in 10 to 30 feet of water had each of them getting the occasional pick up, but most fish were either missed or lost when they jumped. This day was to prove to be a tough one as 20 or so fish were actually landed with at lease that many more lost. There were even a few bite offs and a 10 pound northern landed as well as a couple of Muskie seen coming after the lures. Full moons and north winds are like the kiss of death it seems! It can only be looking up in the next few days, I hope!!