Once again, John & I fished another day on another local lake. The weather was a little different than we had been use to lately as today was mainly sunny. The winds were out of the S/W at 5 to 10 knots creating a 1 foot chop on the water. The air temps went into the low 70’s and the water temps actually reached over 70 degrees in some areas. The fishing was a little tougher today as we experienced the full moon period. John still managed to catch close to 20 bass weighing up to 5 pounds on a variety of lures & baits. From spinnerbaits to tubes & senko’s, the bass still fell victim to his offerings. Shallow water of 2 feet produced some bass but the better fish came from 10 to 15 foot depths. Most of the deeper fish were the larger ones as well! All in all a pretty good day!