I fished with Jacenty & Marco today on a local lake for smallmouth bass and what a day it was! We started out with beautiful sunshine and winds from the N/E at 5 to 10 knots and air temps about 60 degrees. Water temps were almost 65 degrees in some areas and slightly cooler in others. The cold nights are definitely beginning to chill the water, but the weeds are still healthy and don’t show any signs of decay as of yet. Unfortunately, the bass are spread out all over causing me to cover plenty of water through the day. This is not a bad thing though as I am finding plenty of fish by doing so! Marco drew first blood today as his first smallie went close to 4 pounds on a senko and put on quite an aerial show for us to see. Shortly after another slightly smaller and one more went to his credit before Jacenty started hooking up as well. We were seeing plenty of fish in the area that were 4 pounds or better, but had a difficult time getting them to bite and decided to try a little deeper for others more willing to eat. This proved to be a good decision as the numbers started to climb. Fish from 2 pounds to almost 4 pounds began coming aboard with tube jigs on a regular basis every couple of minutes. We had action! These fish were situated mostly in water around the 20 foot range with some even deeper and were hungry. Pass after pass dragging tubes over rocky areas were producing hook-ups on one or both of their rods as quick as they could get their lines out. This lasted for a few hours before it slowed and we were forced to try alternate areas nearby. Less fish were caught, but a few bigger fish came aboard including a nice walleye for someone’s dinner. Once the active period stopped, we hopped around trying to pick a fish here & there. Several more were taken, but it was slow. Just before we were to pack it in, I decided to try the deep water once more and instantly they were both locked up again. Several more drifts and a few more fish were hooked with Jacenty hooking up last. We thought he had a good one when it broke the surface only to find out he had hooked a fishing net that someone must have lost. Not exactly the trophy I had thought, but he did get to take it home! All in all a great day with at least 35 bass landed and plenty more lost up to almost 5 pounds!