I fished with Andre & Jim today on a local lake for smallies once more. The weather was almost perfect with little to no wind and sunny skies to start. Water temps were around 75 degrees and the air temps climbed up to over 80 degrees by days end. Jim latched into the first smallie of over 4 pounds almost immediately on a spinnerbait and after a couple of jumps, released her unharmed. Even with a stinger hook attached she still managed to get off! It was a little longer before we managed to hook into anything else, but not for lack of trying. There were plenty of quality fish all around us and they were difficult to entice! Both Jim & Andre had chances but only managed to land a handful of the smaller ones in the area. We jumped all over the lake trying to find aggressive fish but only managed to land one here and one there. It seemed like the fish just weren’t in the a feeding mood anywhere. There were a couple of beauties taken up to 5 pounds, but not the quantity I was use to seeing. It took almost till the end of the day again before Jim landed a good one of over 4 pounds. I think the last couple of days had a definite influence on the fishing today. All in all a good day with about 15 or so smallies caught up to 5 pounds.