Today, I had the pleasure of fishing with Danny, Sammy & Hassan on a local lake for smallmouth bass. They had caught smallies before, but nothing like what they were about to experience! The weather had dropped the temperatures to a tolerateable 75 degrees and the humidity was all gone. Water temps were still close to the 80 degree mark and the winds created a good chop with 10 to 15 knot blows from the N/W. Sunshine greeted us all day with a little cloud cover late in the afternoon. Within the first two minutes on a demonstration with a tube bait, I had the first fish of almost four pounds hooked and soon after, landed. I always like when the bass cooperate! Sam drew first blood soon after, when he hooked into a smallie of almost 4 pounds that soon came to net. The rest of the day was no different with plenty of quality bass in the three to five pound range being caught with consistancy. There were several down times during the course of the day, but when a fish was hooked during those periods, it was a good one! All three of these guys experienced something that most people dream of. Just about every smallmouth bass that was seen was in the 3 to over five pound range. By the end of the day, everyone had caught several fish between 4 & 5 pounds and there were probably 5 that would have weighed more than five puounds! We had one of those days that just produced large fish and there were over 30 fish caught. When it came time to take the pictures, the livewells looked like a pile of logs in water! I think we had 15 smallies from 4 to 5.5 pounds waiting to be released. This was to be one of the best initiation days for three guys to be hooked on! Ironically, there were just as many fish either missed, or lost as well! What a spectacular day to be on the water!!!