The day of the Heat Wave! What an unbelievably hot & humid day to be on the water! It felt more like Florida than Quebec where we were fishing today. Alain & Cindy joined me for some smallmouth action on another local lake and it was as hot as the weather. We started with air temps in the low 80’s and the water temps slightly below, but by afternoon the air reached an unbearable 96 degrees. Add the high humidity and it felt more like 115 degrees. Thank god for the 20 to 25 knot winds we had or we would have cooked! It started a little slower than I had expected, but Cindy managed to land a few smallies up to 5 pounds on our first spot. There were definately more fish missed than caught there and after an hour or so, I decided to try another location on the other side of the lake. It was still a little slower than I wanted, so I continued to move around until I found active fish. Finally I hit a couple of rocky areas that began to produce some action and both Cindy & Alain started hooking up. Once again, senko’s accounted for the bulk of the fish with tubes coming in second. Despite the almost 80 degree water, these smallies were absolutely spectacular with the fights they gave. Each & every one of them took to the air immediately after being hooked and ripped line from the reels like ten pounders. Several fish in the 4 to 5 pound range were landed with plenty of threes as well. We made the mistake of tucking in behind an island, out of the wind and nearly died from the heat. I now know what it feels like to roast in an oven! We jumped around a little later in the afternoon and picked a fish here & there before calling it quits around 5:00 PM. There were probably around 20 fish caught today with plenty of others either missed or lost before they were landed. All in all a great day for real hot action!!