I fished with Sammy & Stephan on another lake today and they just slaughtered the bass! What a difference a day makes as over 50 smallies were caught & released and probably the same amount were just lost. For a while it seemed like it was every cast that someone was hooked up! The weather was absolutely spectacular with bright sunny skies and flat calm conditions. Air temps were in the upper 80’s and the water temps reached 78 degrees by the end of the day. Sammy scored the most fish but Stephan held his own in the end. Stephan wasn’t quite as experienced as Sammy and missed a lot more fish before he began landing some of the bigger ones that he hooked into. At one point Sammy went three bass on three different rods as I was just stuck with each of his fish still in the net. I love a good firedrill! Once again, almost all the fish were caught on senko’s with a small percent taken on tubes as well. This is the way fishing should be!