I fished with Rod, Craig & Jack today on Lake Champlain (Mississquoi Bay) It was going to be a little crowded being all in one boat, so I got Benji once again to aid me on this day. It started out a little slow for Rod & Craig, but Benji had Jack into a 3.5-pound smallmouth in a few casts. We had to cover a lot of water before the first bass came aboard and were glad to see it. Casting spinnerbaits and crankbaits were only accounting for a few fish here & there so I decided that it was time for a change. With the wind blowing from the N/NE at 15 to 20 knots, I knew that a drift & drag with tubes & spider grubs would be productive. It wasn’t long before everyone was hooking up in deeper water! Doubles and even triples happened several times throughout the afternoon as all three guys started to see what the numbers thing was all about. Plenty of bass from 1 to 3.5 pounds were now being caught with regularity. With the sunshine showing for the first time in several days, the cool 45-degree air temperatures actually felt warm for a change. The water temps continue to drop with each and every passing day and today with this wind we were finding 51 to 53 degrees the norm. By mid afternoon, the winds were subsiding and the drift thing was going to become a casting thing. Without the aid of the wind to push us along we were forced to use the electric motor and this never seems to be as productive. Plenty of fish were still being caught, but the presentations weren’t the same. With this spectacular weather, we decided to hold out till about 5:30 or so and managed to see about 50 to 60 bass landed by days end. Many more were lost as well on this crisp, fall day! All in all, a great day on the water!