Another day off and time to check out the lower St-Lawrence River for future fishing. My wife, Christiane & I were going to see just what the conditions were like! With all the rain and winds we had experienced in the last couple of weeks, I was expecting the worst, but was amazed when I saw the color of the water and it wasn’t brown. The clarity wasn’t great, but I’ve caught them in much dirtier water before! On the first drift in 15 feet of water, I locked up on a smallie of 3 pounds. Christiane caught another within minutes and we began to get into them regularly. The sky was an overcast one and the air temps were mid 40’s at best, but the fishing was worth staying. The wind was from the N/NE once again and against the current flow making for difficult drifts. Water temps were around 52 degrees and cooling like the rest of the lakes I fish also. Everywhere we fished, we caught some bass and I even caught a lost, 3-pound largemouth in a smallmouth zone. That was definitely a bonus fish! In a five-hour period, close to 30 fish were caught and many others were lost as well. The river is definitely fishable, but the water clarity could be a little cleaner in order to get into those 100 fish days. Hopefully in the next few days, it will filter some of the dirt & debris and have better visibility. All in all, a pretty good day for only five hours of fishing!