David & Jeff joined me on Lake Champlain today for a fiesta of smallies! This was the first time Jeff had ever handled a spinning rod let alone landed a smallmouth bass. He was in for a real treat as it was about to become a numbers day for all. It was a beautiful, crisp fall morning as we launched the boat into water below 50 degrees. Air temps were barely over the freezing mark, but the sunshine made it feel warmer. With almost no wind at all, it was easy to teach Jeff the basics of casting and retrieving. I was able to give him a great example of this as I slammed into a smallie of over three pounds on the first cast. I love it when the fish cooperate! Jeff was a quick study, as he didn’t take too long to begin hooking fish on his own. The water was dictating the activity level of the bass and we had to slowly crawl tubes on the bottom just to entice them into biting. This was going to be the ticket to catching the bass today! The water clarity was terrible due to all the rain & wind we had been having this pat week and the strike zones were very small. If you weren’t right in their faces, you didn’t get bit! By slowly crawling these offerings, we were able to land over 25 bass in the first place we fished. The second spot was even smaller and when the wind picked up we were able to get a good drift happening. Each time we passed a certain area, someone locked up on a bass. There were even a few double headers by Jeff & David! We stayed there for as long as the fish were willing to bite and managed to land another 25 or more smallmouth before changing locations again. With the sun beginning to drop low in the sky, I knew we weren’t long for this day. David managed to get a couple more bass, but this time they were largemouth. Jeff got to see the difference between the two before we headed off he water. All in all a great day with over 50 bass landed and plenty more lost. I think Jeff is now hooked for life! He definitely landed more than David, but that was the plan! His was the largest at almost 4 pounds, but David had plenty almost as big to add to the bag. All fish released to fight another day!