Today, I had the pleasure of fishing with Jay & Max on lake Champlain in Mississquoi Bay. I had high expectations, having been there several times in the last week with great success. Unfortunately, the last two days had provided us with heavy winds and even heavier rain. The water temps had dropped from over 70 degrees on Saturday to 63 degrees today. The winds were from the N/NW at 5 to 10 knots in the morning and switched to a west 15 by afternoon. Cloudy skies soon gave way to sunshine, early in the morning with the air temps reaching 65 by late in the day. The aggressive, spinnerbait fish that I had been seeing had almost all but disappeared. Jay & Max did manage to catch about 10 smallmouth up to 4 pounds throwing these, but they weren’t very active. With the sudden drop in water temperature, I decided to get them into a slower presentation with tube baits. This was definitely a better choice as they began catching many more bass in the next few hours. We stuck with tubes for the remainder of the day and by doing so, increased the catch to over 40 bass by the days end. One last stop on an area I had not fished this season proved to be a great choice as both Jay & Max got into some of the best fish of the day. They caught about another dozen bass up to 4 pounds with the majority of them being over 3 pounds. A tough day of fishing, but by making these adjustments, a productive one!