Serge & his father, Raymond joined me today on Lake St-Francis for smallmouth bass. It was a tough start to the day as we had received a heavy electrical storm overnight that seemed to move all the larger bass away from their usual haunts. The air temps were a chilly 60 degrees at the start of the day but went up to 90 degrees by the end. Sunny skies turned to a mix of clouds & sun early in the afternoon with strong winds of 15 to 25 knots and even stronger gusts. Waves reached 3 to 4 feet in some areas that we fished making boat control extremely difficult. Water temps were at 76 degrees and rose a degree or two during the day. A couple of smaller bass around 2 ½ pounds were caught early on Senko’s and Raymond had a four-pounder throw a crankbait when she went air born. We eventually got into some better fish when I decided to go out to deeper water and fish a combination of rocks & weeds. Serge nearly had the rod ripped out of his hands a few times as the smallies hammered his spinnerbait. These fish were schooling and there were always a few following when one was hooked. I think that more bass were lost than landed however as it seemed like each time they jumped they came off. Both Serge & Raymond landed several fish around 3 pounds in this area on a combination of lures. When the fishing slowed down, we relocated to another area and took a beating in the waves trying to fish. A few fish were caught, but we decided to get out of there soon after due to the large waves we were in. We jumped to a series of places and caught a few more fish up to 4 ½ pounds later in the afternoon. All in all a good day with about 15 fish caught and plenty more lost.