I had the pleasure of fishing with Scott, Bob, John & Mack today on Lake Champlain. With four fishermen a second boat would definitely be required! I called on the help of a former fishing partner of over 15 years, Randolph, to aid in this day. The weather was a cool 63 degrees in the morning, but made its way into the 80’s by days end. The wind was from the N at 5 to 10 knots with heavier gusts at times. Water temps were pushing 80 degrees as well in some places of the lake and the surface algae made for quite stained, green surface water. Realizing what was happening on the lake, I decided to try for the smallmouth in deeper water first. The first fish of over 4 pounds was soon to come aboard by Bob and the rest of the day was no different. Both boats concentrated in deep water all day and were rewarded by many more fish over 4 pounds and a couple over 5 too. All in all, around 35 or more fish were caught & released on this beautiful day on Lake Champlain. A side bet between the two boats was made in the morning for largest fish and it was difficult to determine the winner. Bob & John had a couple of 5 pounders that would have required weighing to determine the winner. Not wanting to stress the fish too much from this, we called it a draw. They’ll have to wait for the photos to determine a winner! A great day for deep-water smallies!