I had the pleasure of fishing with Dwane from Texas today. He had never experienced smallmouth bass before and was going to see why bass fishermen preferred them, over the largemouth. We started out with sunny skies and light winds of 10 knots from the S/SW. Air temps were in the low 70’s and the water temperature was around 75 degrees. Senko’s, tubes & spinnerbaits accounted for the 25 or so bass that we caught up to 4.5 pounds. The first fish of over 4 pounds gave Dwane a better respect for these bass, as it must have jumped about four feet in the air when he hooked it. One location had schooling smallies that were all over the lures for a while. Unfortunately, more fish were lost than landed! It was a feeding frenzy that was unbelievable! These fish were all in the 3 to 5 pound range and chasing anything that we were able to throw at them. Unfortunately, a storm chased us off the area and sent us running for cover! We tucked in under a bridge and had lunch while we waited it out. Once it was clear, we went right back and hooked up immediately on our first three casts. Plenty more fish were caught & lost in the next hour as well. When the fishing slowed we headed to other areas and picked a fish here & there before Dwane lost what was to be the largest bass of the day. We will never really know how big it might have been, but that’s what fishing stories are all about! All in all, a great day on the water with plenty of pictures and memories to take back home to Texas!