What a day! The weathermen called for intermittent showers all day with heavier rains in between. All I can say is thank god for our weathermen. How wrong they were! We had overcast skies all day with comfortable air temps in the low to mid 70’s. No winds were present until after 3:00 PM when a small rainstorm arrived. When I saw that the water temps were in the low to mid 70’s I told Benoit & Richard that this had the makings of a “Big Fish Day”. They were soon about to find out just how right I was! We started catching a few largemouth bass on an outside weedline up to 3 pounds before I opted for open water on the lake instead. The first spot produced at least 6 or 8 smallmouth bass up to 5 pounds. Every other location we fished afterwards was pretty much the same as well. A slow presentation with senko’s accounted for almost all the fish today as we jumped all over the lake looking for areas of the same bottom content. Each time we hit a new spot, a fish was usually caught on the first or second cast. When the winds & rain started to come in after 3:00, I opted for a sheltered area to fish nearby. As they were soon about to find out, this was a great choice as well. They continued to cast the same baits along outside weedlines and managed to land several smaller largemouth bass until Ben set the hooks into what he called “A Panfish”. To his surprise, a huge largemouth of 5.5 pounds was soon dancing across the surface of the water. “Nice panfish” I said! Another big fish added to the already spectacular day we were having. A quick photo and back to the depths she went. With around 30 huge bass caught today, we called it quits by 5:00 PM and headed home. An incredible day of fishing for trophy sized smallmouth & largemouth bass today. The average size was over 3.5 pounds with plenty over 4 pounds. There were even a few in the 5-pound class as well. Great day!!!