I had a tournament yesterday but was back on the water again for two days with David. It was going to be a learning experience for Dave as we were going to fish new water and new techniques on two different lakes. The first presentation was the senko for inactive fish. Within the first five minutes, we had our first bass on the line. It didn’t take long for him to see how effective the senko was. In the first hour, about 10 fish were landed up to 4.5 pounds. We had blue bird skies and humid weather with air temps reaching about 90 degrees by the afternoon. We had light winds from the West that eventually died off by about 1:00 PM making for a real hot, sticky afternoon. The bite slowed down once the sun got higher in the morning and we had a tough time getting into lots of fish. We were picking one here and one there everywhere we went. I decided that by the time the wind died, it was time to enter the shallows for largemouth bass. I rigged up a Scum Frog for Dave and let him loose in the weeds and pads. Within the first few casts, he had a fish of about 2 pounds on and landed it quickly. Several more blow-ups on the frog resulted in missed fish and frustration. A largemouth of close to 5 pounds was seen taking the bait within 10 feet of the boat as Dave set into him and lost yet another fish once again. I am not quite sure what was going wrong other that maybe not applying enough pressure when the fish was hooked, but more fish were lost than landed in this jungle of vegetation. We spent the rest of the afternoon until 5:00 PM working the slop for largemouth bass. There was definitely plenty of fish in the shallows once the sun warmed the water. Unfortunately, most of them were only seen from a distance! Overall, it was a good day as close to 25 fish were caught & released. The second day was quite a bit different as we headed to Lake of Two Mountains. To say the bite was tough would have been an understatement! The shallow largemouth waters were really shallow and muddy. We saw only a couple of fish and they were on the move. As for smallmouth, well that wasn’t much better either! With only about a dozen actual bites today, only a handful of smallmouth were caught up to 2.5 pounds. The weather was even hotter than yesterday reaching into the mid 90’s and very high humidity. The water temps were 83 degrees by the afternoon as well. Tough bite to say the least! Lots of water covered with little rewards for our efforts!