After a long, disappointing tournament in Ontario, I was back on Montreal waters once again today. I actually had a double, half-day booking and fished with Eli & his son Joe in the morning. At nine years old, Joe is already a more experienced fisherman than a lot of people out there. He not only landed the largest smallmouth but also caught the most bass as well. We had a light wind from the N/NE and very hot, humid air temps of over 80 degrees by the end of the day. The water was 73 to 75 degrees in mot areas. Tube jigs & Berkley Power Jerk Shads were the ticket and the fish were really shallow. A few walleye were also taken and a huge Muskie of around 40 pounds was seen chasing one of the baits back to the boat. About 15 fish were caught this morning up to over 4 pounds. This afternoon I had the pleasure of fishing with Alex & Lorne on Lake St-Louis as well. The conditions remained pretty much the same with the wind dying out completely by mid afternoon. Presentations were the same as this morning, but the tubes were a better choice as we soon found out. Lorne hooked up on about his second cast and soon boated a bass of near 3 pounds. It was quite some time before another fish was landed and we searched a lot of water looking for them. Eventually we came back to the original area and they started to catch bass again. Alex had a hard time locking up but eventually made a great comeback landing 6 in a row. The largest fish were in the 4-pound class and the average was about 3. Close to 15 fish were caught once again this afternoon.