I fished with Andre & his son Dane today. We began on Lake Salem and Andre got into some smallmouth on his first few casts. They were rather small, but it was a good sign, nevertheless. The air temps were in the low 40’s and the water temps dropped 5 degrees to 47 degrees, overnight. With overcast skies and some showers in the forecast, I knew that they weren’t going to get any better either. The winds started light & variable, but soon shifted to the North East and increased to 10 to 15 mph. The fish were there from yesterday, but we had a hard time convincing some of the larger ones into hitting as they followed the baits without taking. Andre and Dane caught a few more before we relocated to an open water rock pile. Only one more was to be caught with a few more lookers out there as well. I decided that we would relocate to another lake once again as we took of this lake. The winds were no better there, but we managed to get into 1 smallmouth of about 4.5 pounds and three lake trout. The lakers went 4, 4.5 & 6.5 pounds and were caught on Fin-S baits & jigs. We also trolled with fly rods, again with no luck. To make matters worse, the temperatures dropped from 51 degrees down to 43 and the wind picked up to 25 mph from the North East. We also experiences rain for the last hour of the day as we hung in until about 5:30 P.M. Tough day once more! I can’t wait for some better weather!!