I fished with Stacy & Crissy today for trout on a lake in northern Vermont. We headed onto the water at the crack of 10. No sense getting on the water too early at this time of year. The air temps were not much more that 45 degrees and the best water temp we could find was 43 degrees. The cloud cover & wind from the north made it feel a lot colder. We trolled fly rods and streamers for over three hours without a single hit. I decided that a change was in order and we began fishing fin-s jigs instead. It took quite a while before a fish finally took one of the jigs and not long after, Stacy landed a five-pound lake trout. This turned out to be the only fish we were to catch today. By 3:30 we had all had enough and decided to call it a day. A tough bite to say the least!