I fished with Andre & his dad today on Lake Memphremagog & had to work for the fish we caught. The topwater bite has finally started! The morning air was close to 70 degrees and the water was in the upper 60s. 1st cast with a top-water bait, Andre had a largemouth of about 2.5 lbs. Many more smallmouth were caught and lost after on the same presentations. Everywhere we went, we seemed to catch some fish. Lots of smaller fish, but no big ones today. Fished deep and caught small ones! Fished shallow and did the same. By 3:00 PM we had to make a run for the boat ramp due to the storm coming in from the north. I saw lightning and called it quits. Safety first, there’s always tomorrow! We barely got to the shore before the skies let lose and poured on us. Overall a good day with about 30 to 50 smaller bass caught up to 3 pounds.